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lighting the world

23 May 2017
Visit of American Commercial Deputy Bryan Larson

One of the stations of the US official's tour was Alexandroupolis and a company that has a "special place in his heart", as he said. It is the company that produces LED lights, Dasteri, which has been operating in the capital of Evros since 1976.
The special position of Dasteri in the heart of Mr. Larson comes from the fact that Dasteri has been cooperating for ten years with the American company Hilux in the field of LED lighting and even is their exclusive partner for Europe.
Mr. Nikos, Vassilis and John Dasteridis briefed Mr. Larson on the fact that Dasteri products are being exported to 52 countries and, is on the rise, despite the general Greek economic crisis.

When asked Dasteri family responded that there is no secret for success apart from hard work and constant effort to optimize production and output. Mr Larson witnessed the process of designing new products in the relevant department, as well as the LED lights produced by Dasteri's collaboration with the American Hilux.


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