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DASTERI is based in Alexandroupoli Evros,
and has been active since 1976
in the manufacturing of vehicle lighting
in a vertically integrated production.

lighting our lives

Both NIK. DASTERIDIS SA (MFG) and DASTERI SYSTEMS SA, by investing in pioneer technology, have managed to accommodate their customers needs in the best possible way. All the products are manufactured in two completely self-sufficient, privately-owned production units of 15.500 square metres:

  • Research and development department where solutions for the ever changing market requirements, new ideas, materials, design and construction techniques are developed.

  • Study and design department that provides solutions to customer needs.

  • Fully equipped moulding department equipped with software and new generation CNC machines.

  • Expert production and assembly units equipped with new generation machines andstaffed with the most qualified and trained personnel.

  • Quality control department where tests are performed in order to ensure that our products fully meet the European and international standards.

  • Customer service which aims to resolve the problems and to satisfy the needs of our customers.


The continuous service of the customer’s needs and the professional co-operation, aims to provide solutions to his problems and to meet with the best possible way his contemporary demands. The high quality services that NIK. DASTERIDIS SA (MFG) and DASTERI SYSTEMS SA provides to the customer, confirm his choice and satisfy his requirements and expectations.

Customised Lighting solutions Customised Lighting solutions Customised Lighting solutions
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