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With the commitment for research and planning for pioneer services and products, the company makes large investments regard to the equipment and the attempts, to satisfy the market needs in the best possible way.

The success of NIK. DASTERIDIS SA (MFG) and DASTERI SYSTEMS SA is the result of a continuous research for quality in every step of the productive process. The organization includes a large amount of professionals who are experts in design, production and marketing, for better customer’s service.

Nik. Dasteridis S.A. (MFG) is interested in providing the ability to every potential collaborator to get in touch with the company for further discussion. Anybody who believes that has a vision, ambitions and is in the mood for hard work, is welcome to communicate with us, so we plan his/her career together, after we evaluate the qualifications and the education standards that he or she has.

Open Positions

If you want to be a part of our Team and get informed about our Open Positions give us a call or send your CV.

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