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DASTERI is based in Alexandroupoli Evros,
and has been active since 1976
in the manufacturing of vehicle lighting
in a vertically integrated production.

lighting our lives


Fostered by reliable cooperation with our customers, our unremitting service to their needsaims not just to solve problems but to thoroughly meet their contemporary demands, too. Our professionalism combined with friendly and prompt service are the principles that best describe our identity and designate our relationship with all our partners and customers; principles that define every contact we make with them.


As individuals and a company we envision ourselves as members of a society to which we want to contribute positively to a greater or lesser extent. Our main concern is theconsistency with which we treat every customer, but also the environment in general. With respect and sincerity we commit to our promises in terms of delivery and outcome, thereby nurturing personal relationships of mutual trust with our customers. Respect for the environment and its protection, as well as contribution to social issues are matters integrated into our operating principles and philosophy. For this reason, our production processes are environmentally friendly and undertaken with full awareness to ensure ecological protection standards.

Company principles Company principles Company principles
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