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16 July 2019
Dasteri SA Award - Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019 Business Excellence Awards
DASTERI SA was awarded as one of the most dynamic and healthy developing Greek companies in the award of the Diamonds 
of the Greek Economy 2019 Business Excellence Awards event that was held on Wednesday, July 10, at the Great Britain Hotel.

The celebration of the country's healthy business was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Federation of Enterprises and Industries (SEV), the Hellenic Federation of Industries, and businessmen/executives from the healthiest companies in Greece as well as representatives of the State.

The event features the most dynamic and healthy developing Greek businesses. Their assessment is based on specific financial ratios and criteria such as profitability, borrowing and liquidity. At the same time other factors are taken into account, including the invested capital of companies, their human resources policy, as well as corporate and social responsibility issues.

Mr. Vasilis Dasteridis, (CEO) of the company stated: It is our pleasure to receive this award that comes after many years of effort. We have set as a company specific goals that are gradually being implemented and that fact satisfies us.

To do this, of course, over the last 10-15 years, we have invested heavily in the research and modernization of the two production units based in Alexandroupolis with the main purpose of providing the best possible product quality and meeting the highest standards for our customers in 52 countries, whether it is for a vehicle light fitting or for an interior-exterior lighting - LED-style streetlights.

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