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16 December 2014
Visit of Mr. Ambassador and Consul of USA at DASTERI facilities

The excellent performance of the company “Dasteri” and its contribution to local and Greek economy praised the Ambassador of USA in Greece Mr. David D. Pearce, who was accompanied by the Consul General of USA Thessaloniki Mr. Robert P. Sanders and other officers of the US Embassy, during their visit at the production facilities of Dasteri in Alexandroupolis, as part of his tour in Thrace.

“Dasteri” is working closely for many years with the American company “Hilux LED Solutions” and it is the only Greek company, that in collaboration with the American one, manufactures indoor and outdoor LED luminaires that are exported to 52 countries, and whose main characteristic is their efficiency (saving in power consumption at rates above 70%).

The American ambassador, after the tour, praised the potential of "Dasteri" and stated:

“I am visiting this part of Greece for the first time and it is a real pleasure to be here. Some of the things we'd like to see in Greece generally is innovation and entrepreneurship. Both of these things we found here (at pp Dasteri). We had a very interesting tour at the facilities and I am pleased to see a leading Greek company to cooperate with a
corresponding US and create jobs and export business for Greece".

The President of "Dasteri" Mr. John Dasteridis, in statements on the occasion of the visit of the American Ambassador, highlighted the fact that the effectiveness of the company has managed to create strategic partnerships. He added:

"The visit of the US Ambassador and his colleagues at our facilities, in addition to recognizing the quality and reputation of our company, strengthens this already good climate of cooperation with the US side."

The CEO of "Dasteri" Mr. Vasilis Dasteridis on his own statements, referred to the constant practice of the company to strengthen, through the development of the company, the local economy and stated:

"For us it is extremely important, after several years of excellent cooperation with American company, that we created here in our region a reference point so powerful that Mr. Ambassador chose to visit us. This is a vindication of our own labors and certainly gives us strength to continue in the future and create something better. Not only for us and our business but especially for our region, as this can bring more jobs and strengthen Thrace in many different ways. "

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