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lighting the world

12 April 2016
Dasteri Systems S.A. implements the first integrated green LED lighting investment in Greece.
Following the completion of the open international tender conducted in 2015 by the Municipality of Malevizi, Crete, on April 7, 2016 the contract "Supply with Installation of lighting and LED-type lamps, 8-year maintenance of these supply and street lighting Tissue" amounting to € 3.352.488,00 contractor Company DASTERI SYSTEMS SA was signed and therefore the first integrated lighting investment in the country to upgrade Environmental, energy savings and cost savings by reducing costs is being implemented.

The implementation of the investment financed by the contractor company which secured approval of the funding of 70% from the Urban Development Fund Crete and the European Investment Bank using the Jessica program by Pancretan Cooperative Bank.

The contractor DASTERI SYSTEMS SA It is a purely Greek company, which is based in the city of Alexandroupoli (Thrace), on factory premises of 15,000, where business activity is carried out since 1976.

With the implementation of the supply, the Malevizi Crete is an exemplary model of development in local government, serving the environment, enhancing quality of life of citizens, enhancing the sense of security, while saving significant resources from the drastic reduction in energy consumption.